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Your Emergence From
Leadership to Heartship

Venturing into the deep-water world of oil and gas exploration, veteran lead safety representative, Betty Carew, CRSP, CHSC, takes you on her journey to Water Isle. It is here where you learn what it was like to work as a team while employing the leadership practice she calls Heartship. Through story, Betty shares her journey working in a high-risk offshore environment where she uncovered the incredible value of human connection.

Betty Carew

Betty, International Best-Selling Author & Heartship Practitioner,

works with and supports organizations

through the transformation

from Leadership to Heartship.

Betty Carew, CRSP, CHSC, has been working in the oil and gas industry in the field of health, environment and safety for over 30 years. Over the past decade, Betty has been specializing in the offshore deepwater exploration world, where she has been working with men and women from all over the globe. As an oil and gas consultant, Betty has worked alongside many of the world’s major oil companies. She was one of the supporting team members who drilled some of the deepest wells off Canada’s east coast. Her experience in the offshore drilling world has led her to share her story about a journey to a new way of being. Betty is a passionate and influential speaker.

Who Should Read The Book:

The book is geared to all leaders, CEO’s board of directors, senior leaders, managers, supervisors, frontline workers, doctors, first-line responders. All workplace personnel and in particular those places where work decisions could mean the difference between life and death.

Book Benefits:

It creates influence through story to be open to the possibility that change can occur when we chose a new way of being.

It can be used to build the foundation for training in the practice of Heartship.

It is a reasonable short read and easy read.

It offers the reader discussion questions.

Although the story is based in the offshore exploration world, it can be applied in all workplaces.

The concepts are not new, Betty helps the reader to remember the concepts.

An inspiring story of one woman’s journey as safety officer in the high-risk world of deepwater, offshore oil rigs and how the lessons learned in team building and effective leadership can apply to our everyday work world. Betty Carew knows what we need to exit the realms of toxic work environments and enter a new realm of workplace compassion and trust so necessary for leaders of today.


Mark Norton

Water Resources & Planning Manager, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

Betty’s book encourages us to raise the bar on standard leadership protocols by guiding us toward Heartship where everyone is embraced for their uniqueness without judgement. The ability for leaders to improve their soft skills while remaining focused on goals and objectives will enhance their relationships resulting in greater support and participation. Elevating the concept of Heartship where everyone lives in balance, from the heart, while respecting social protocols and individual values is inspiring. This approach will certainly improve everyone’s personal and interpersonal skills and wellbeing.


Brian Dodd

Senior Project Manager, Suncor Energy

Your Emergence from Leadership to Heartship is a gentle call from a dear friend to consider the possibilities of living life trusting your innate self. An invitation to stand strong in your truth and power. It is as much a testimonial of the love of a mother for her son as it is an opening for the what if’s? Water Isle held me fast. Reflecting the limitless power of nature, the call for community, the demand for integrity and skill, knowing your limits and when to ask for help. Betty has shared her ‘path to Heartship’ with us in an initial brief offering. I truly look forward to more stories from her personal journey.


Tracy L Tresoor

MD CCFP, Physician and mother

We can achieve our ultimate potential—our best version of ourselves—when we collaborate at a deeper level in a real way. Heartship is the connection, the trust and the knowingness that allows us to fully step into the possibilities of what we can create together while having each other’s back.


Michelle Cameron Coulter

Olympic Gold Medalist, Founder Inspiring Possibilities


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30, April, 2021


Betty’s Book Reaches #1 International Best Seller on Launch Date

Today Your Emergence From Leadership to Heartship is #1 International Best-Seller in both eBook and Print. It is a day of Celebration and Author Spotlight on the Launch of Betty’s book. 

30, April, 2021


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05, May 2021


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